Tick Tock – I Have 12 Clocks

gfa clockIt all started back in the 80’s when I listened to the tick-tock of my girlfriends Regulator clock. I noticed that each time I visited her the sound of the clock became part of her home rather than an auditory invasion. Before I knew it, she and I went shopping for my very own Regulator clock.  With joy overflowing, I hung the clock, wound it up and set the pendulum into action. I too had a heartbeat in my home. M desire to own more clocks sat in my soul. 

It took until 2011 that I began my quest to own additional clocks of different sizes and styles. Mantel clocks make up the majority of my collection. Right now, I have 4 mantel clocks. One I purchased from a man in Germany; its Westminster chimes make it the most active clock I have. One of my mantel clocks is “odd” being made of cast iron. You can imagine the deep chime on the half hour and hour. The clock dearest to me is my great-grandfathers mantel clock. Over the years, it was passed down in the family. My sister had possessed it for years. This past Christmas she asked me to close my eyes and put out both my hands. I did as I was told; she placed something in them. When I opened my eyes, I was in awe. She felt that as I had a collection and a love for clocks, she wanted me to have it. I could only cry and hug my sister.  The last clock I have is one I got from my girlfriend; it keeps such accurate time.

I have two bee hive clocks. Beehive clocks are shelf clocks with a case whose sides curve upward and meet at a peak.  It is reminiscent of a beehive shape. One is what you would call normal size the other is a miniature, only one fifth the size of the other. Like all my other clocks, they chime on the hour and half hour.

In my heart I wanted a cuckoo clock. I knew I had to as the man who repairs and cleans all of my clocks.  When I called Atlantic Clock Hospital in Timonium, Maryland, he said he had three I might want to look at the following weekend. That was one of the longest weeks I had in years. On Saturday morning, I jumped into my car and drove over. There on his wall were 3 German cuckoo clocks. He told me about each. I decided on a clock made in the Black Forest of Germany about 140 years earlier.  He told me of the process of cuckoo clocks made there. Each piece, the face, the body, the ornate carving surrounding the clock, the hands and the workings of the clock are made by individuals who them bring them all together and create a unique cuckoo clock.  I felt the history of my new acquisition. Listening to the cuckoo once for the half hour and then cuckooing once for each hour is exciting each time. 

Just this month, July, after a long search, I bought a full size Grandfather clock. Oh the beauty of it. The clock’s Westminster chimes sound each 15 minutes. On the hour it soulfully chimes once for each hour. I get chills when I hear it. 

Clocks run faster or slower than each other; I try to time them to all sound as closely as possible. When the hour comes, within about 5 or so minutes of another, all the clocks chime. For me, it has become a sound that does not interrupt my thought or my ability to continue what ever I am doing. This all is fine with me, but when I have friends or family over and the clocks begin to chime, what ever is going on ceases. I just smile. 

I have 4 additional clocks of differing sizes and shapes.  I wind them weekly and listen to them daily. All my clocks receive the care a precious part of my home deserves.

Having a collection of 12 clocks soothes something within me. They are constant companions 24 hours a day. I care for them as I wind them weekly and tend to the weights of the cuckoo clock twice a day. Although I have a continued desire to look for and purchase more clocks, I believe my clock buying is done…for a while…maybe.


About Cheryl

By day, I am a social worker for people with disabilities. In time not working I am a dreamer of dreams, lover of cats, singer of songs and believer in hope. Like many, I have thoughts running around my head all the time. Sometimes I capture the random thoughts and weave them into a tale.
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One Response to Tick Tock – I Have 12 Clocks

  1. Lisa says:

    I will never forget seeing, and listening, to your first clock. Yes, I was one who was amazed by the sounds.
    I knew you were the right caregiver for great-grandpa’s clock, that you would appreciate it and bring it back alive. Love you Cheryl!

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