Finding a Job – the Ongoing Saga


Well, everyone promises me that it will be soon that I get a job. Sometimes I get tired of hearing it. Not that I don’t want to get a job, but the caring but trite responses from people gets tiring.

I have been asked if I have been applying for jobs. Should I say no and tell them I expect someone to show up at my front door and tell me my start date?! I giggle sometimes knowing people care and that they are doing the best they can. About applying for jobs, I have applied for about 60. It is so weird. I cannot quite get over the reality that I apply by pressing a button after answering questions, uploading my resume and cover letter. I wonder if they put them through a computer program to look for code words. They must have some magic application that spits out the resumes the meet their needs. 30 years ago when I applied for my last job, it was all about good-looking resumes on high-grade paper with envelopes. Now when I go for an interview, the resume is a print out.

Ah, the interviews. I like to interview. I don’t feel over whelmed. I figure I know what I know and that is it. I don’t believe in bullshitting. If I don’t’ know the answer, I say that and add, “I would like to know more about it.” There are the single person interviews, tag team interviews – first with one person then handed off to another and the group interview. All are cool with me. I have to remember to give eye contact to each member of the interview team. I was offered two jobs, but could not take them as they were $16 and $26,000 less than my last job, but not possible to take – I like paying my bills. With interviews I have found that if I want to know if I was in the running or not the candidate, I would have to follow up. Thankfully, most can be done by email. Silly me, I thought at this level of professionalism I would be contacted.

Not having a job means that severance runs out this week. I have very little money to pay the bills although I have money for the mortgage. Money from a side job should start coming in. That will keep my head above ground. I have not gotten my unemployment debit card; when I get it, it means I am actually going to begin receiving the overwhelming $430 a week. I will not say actually how much that is below my former job; just know it is a lot. Unfortunately, Now, money I receive from my side job will be deducted from the check.

Not having a job means I still pay for COBRA. The premium is unreal, but not having it as I mentioned last blog, I will not be able to afford my medication and become ill. Even with insurance, my three-month supply for all my meds is $395. Then there are the copays – why go on, you get it. Health care is expensive.

A good thing about being unemployed, I have been able to reach out to people and receive their gracious caring. It is the situation of not being in contact for a while but being able to start a conversation like I saw them last week. Another think is taking time to do the things I have not had the time to do; I am actually doing them! I have been able to spend time with my parents while they were down the Jersey Shore for the summer. They are returning to Florida next week. There are certainly more. They help me to continue to strive for a new job and be thankful for today. I remember: Be Calm and Carry On.


About Cheryl

By day, I am a social worker for people with disabilities. In time not working I am a dreamer of dreams, lover of cats, singer of songs and believer in hope. Like many, I have thoughts running around my head all the time. Sometimes I capture the random thoughts and weave them into a tale.
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