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Finding a Job – the Ongoing Saga

Well, everyone promises me that it will be soon that I get a job. Sometimes I get tired of hearing it. Not that I don’t want to get a job, but the caring but trite responses from people gets tiring. … Continue reading

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…Losing a Job to Find Another

…I don’t know how many websites I went to, investigating the inter-workings of my new position and work. Financial self – sufficiency for people with disabilities is not an easy thing, but with the right supports and incentives it is … Continue reading

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  I had no idea where I was going. Following my GPS, I ended up in an area of town where I had not been and needless to say wouldn’t necessarily choose. I saw the backup going onto the Beltway … Continue reading

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Sweet Memories

I see her in the kitchen large knife in one hand a wooden spoon in the other. After putting the knife down near the shelled lima beans, Grandma wipes her brow with her worn with her white aprons faded forget … Continue reading

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